Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scare Factory

If you've got some extra dough laying around, allow me to suggest hopping over to the Scare Factory and purchasing their haunted grand piano. It's gorgeous! "Beautifully detailed gothic piano features Grim Reaper relief sculpture on lid with skull and gold leaf details throughout body. When activated a mob of 13 skeletons come screaming out from under the lid." There are two versions available - animated and static. In my opinion, static is the way to go. Not only is the animation not particularly scary, but getting the static version will save you $2800! (The animated version costs about $6200. The static version is a more economical $3400.)


Dane said...

I never knew I wanted a piano, but now I must have this one or die.

Anonymous said...

I've heard from more than a few pro haunters Scare Factory is very unreliable. Their stuff breaks easy and more than one person has reported paying for items and they don't get shipped (or arrive after Halloween).

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