Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beware of the man-eating trees!!

Here's a behind the scenes still from the making of "Night of the Treeple". This commercial about a man-eating tree is for Alex Pardee's "Cinematic Apparel Line".

Butch Adams

"Raised on a steady diet of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch, Slurpee’s in Superhero cups, Japanese Giant Monster Shows, Saturday Morning Cartoon’s, and boxes of donated comicbooks" artist Butch Adams has "had his work published in various comicbooks, newspapers, books, television, and even a feature film." Check it out!

"California Screamin" by Dave Burke

His work is absolutely beautiful. Be sure to take a few minutes to browse around his site.

Custom skeleton dress

This Etsy seller will custom bleach an anatomically correct skeleton onto a dress of your specifications.

Saving webs

Save the spiderwebs! Here are instructions on how to preserve spiderwebs as a work of art. (Though I would recommend a few coats of clear satin sprayable varnish rather than plastic wrap.)

Dan Krall

(Artwork by Dan Krall)

Chris Garbutt

(Artwork by
Chris Garbutt)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bat blades

These cool bat-shaped ceiling fan blades are currently sold out on Etsy, but I bet if you ask real nice they would still be willing to whip up a set for you.

Cereal Killers

Delicious! Coming soon to a bookstore near you, "Cereal Killers" - A spooky, kooky "coffin" table cartoon art book featuring over 70 terrifying takes on some of your favorite breakfast cereals by some of today's top animation artists and illustrators!

Monsters for charity

This series of limited edition stainless steel monster pendants are being sold to raise money for UNICEF.
(via Monsterama)

High-end skull jewelry

If you're looking to buy some very expensive skull jewelry, look no further than Vivre. These earrings of
"intricately hand-carved white coral skulls provide beguilingly witty support for an exquisitely textured diamond-encrusted 2 1/2" drop" and cost $3600! And the necklace of "clear crystal skulls punctuated with Swarovski roundels" will set you back $1385.

Be a Ghostbuster for Halloween!

Here are step by step instructions on how to build your very own Proton Pack replica...

Zombie wedding cake topper

A custom made cake topper that shows the bride eating the groom's brains!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This sculpture (titled "Numbskull") was created by Mark Kilner using 630 tablets of extra-strength acetaminophen.

Joshua Hoffine

You may recognize this image from the Halloween 2008 edition of the Fright Catalog. It was taken by Joshua Hoffine, an artist specializing in "horror photography". Check out his site to see more examples of his work.

House of Initiation

Not intended to resemble one, but it certainly looks like a haunted house to me. (Artwork by Sam Chivers.)

Haunted House pinball

Someday, when I have a little more room in my house (and a little more money) I'm definitely getting myself one of these.

Shaking portrait

I think that this portrait looks horrible, and from the reviews I've read, it appears to have been cheaply made. That said though, I think the idea of a portrait that shakes and swings on the wall whenever someone approaches is terrific! If I can't figure out how to build one for myself, I may buy this for $19 so I can gut it and use the components to build my own.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Voluptate Mors

Nude bodies arranged in the shape of a skull"In Voluptate Mors" (1944) by Philippe Halsman.

*55 years later, artist Piotr Uklanski borrowed the idea for this untitled photograph. And 5 years after that (in 2005), British horror director Neil Marshall created this image for posters advertising his film 'The Descent'.

Haunted labels

After hearing reports that the other labels I featured aren't worth the money, I stumbled upon this home haunter who created some of beautiful labels for his own potions cabinet.

Skull Candy

I thought I'd found the perfect new name for my site... "Skull Candy". Unfortunately, it's already taken. (And what's worse is that their company sells headphones! They don't have anything to do with Halloween! Oh well. Back to the drawing board.)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monster bra

I originally saw this skull bra a few years ago at the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade (in New York). A very clever idea. Obviously just thrown together for the day's festivities. Now, years later I'm trolling the internet and I find this)...

Someone's actually manufacturing and selling these!?! (They also sell a giant eyeball) version.) I guess it's true. There are no more original ideas.

New blog name?

I've been thinking about re-naming the blog. Not sure I'm still feeling "Halloween Hot List". Everyone else's sites sound so much cooler than mine; PumpkinRot, GrimVisions, TerrorSyndicate, AranaMuerta, etc. Maybe it's time to try something new. Any thoughts?

Bottles for your haunted house

Has anyone seen these labels in person yet? It seems like almost every online retailer with Halloween decorations has them for sale.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Digital Manipulations

Now that's what I call "taking it all off!" (Photo by Koen Hauser)

Skull mirror

I've been meaning to post something about this mirror for a long time. Of course, tonight's the night that I accidentally knock it off of the wall and three of the corner pieces snap off! Oh well. A little Crazy Glue to the rescue and now it's (almost) good as new. (Maybe the scars give it more character?) Anyway, it was a Christmas present from my wife and I love it. No idea where she found it, but it's great.
Check out the image on the left. When the flash went off, it cast a skull- shaped shadow on my refridgerator. Hmmm... that gives me an idea! Maybe I can alter my camera to cast skull shadows on everything...

UPDATE: Here's where she got the mirror.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Devil book plates

Check out these cool devil bookplates by Manifesto Letterpress. (Their devil graphic is also available on a poster and coasters.) And for skeleton-fanatics, they produce these bookplates and coasters as well.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Anyone seen this before?

I bought this at an estate sale recently but I can't find out any information on its origin. It's obviously a mask. (There are holes on vinyl flaps at either side of the lenticular image where an elastic may have once been.) Probably a child's mask. (It's very small. Approx. 4.5" x 3.75"). Other than that though, I don't have any information about it. (There are no identifying markings printed anywhere). Any ideas? How old do you think it might be?

Devilish wine stoppers

For all you oenophiles out there, here's a terrific pair of devil & angel wine stoppers.

Demon radiator cap

I wish I could get one of these for my car.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Demons and Angels

Speaking of M.C. Escher, here's his famous
"Demons and Angles" print.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Graveyard in a fishbowl

Check out this fantastic graveyard scene I found for sale on Etsy.

(There's something about this photo that reminds me of Escher's "Hand With Reflecting Sphere".)

Max Maven

Here's a great shot of my good friend Max Maven having a little lunch...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Phantom Roadster

If I could have my dream car, it would be this... the Phantom Roadster. Produced in 2007 by The Scare Factory, every inch of this "haunt rod" is tricked out, haunted perfection. Hand engraved tombstone brakes, skull mirrors, webbing on the windscreen and wing supports, skull suicide shifter and tombstone radiator (with the upper torso of a skeleton riding behind it). Whenever a gift giving holiday rolls around and my family asks me what I want, I always say "a Phantom Roadster". So far, no luck. Maybe someday though...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ace of Spades

I don't remember where I found this image, but I think it's pretty terrific. If memory serves, it's actually poster sized!

Skull gate

Illuminations sells a 5 inch tall version of this skull gate, but I want to build a giant one for my yard.

Haunted Mansion tour from 1969

Check out this behind the scenes look at the making of the Haunted Mansion. Originally part of a 1969 episode of "Disney's Wonderful World Of Color," it's hosted by an 18 year old Kurt Russell and features his good friends, The Osmonds.

Tim Biskup skull paintings

One of my favorite artists, Tim Biskup, has done an amazing series of cubist skull paintings. They range in size from 24" x 18" (like the one on the left) to over 6 1/2 feet tall! (Like the one below). Check out some more of his work here.

Blacklight playing cards

For all you fans of both Halloween & magic I present
"Tragic Royalty" playing cards. A brand new design from the Bicycle playing card company that glows under black light. Red, devilish looking angels on the backs, skull & corpse-like glowing faces on the faces of the court cards, and a spiderweb Ace of Spades.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Skeleton Keys

A good friend just bought me a set of these glow in the dark skull caps for my keys. (I'm currently using the blue one.) They're made by a company called Fred & Friends. They offer the "Ultimate in style. Stuff that works, puts a smile on your face and doesn't cost a fortune." Be sure to also check out their "FreaKeys". They're pretty cool too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rehabilitated dishware

Next time you're in the market for plates, check out the work of Sarah Cihat. She buys plates from second-hand stores and reglazes them with cool images. She also makes this cool, limited-edition line of candles.

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