Saturday, February 24, 2007

Create a witch kitchen

My new friend DeadSpider has done it again! This time, she has posted instructions for creating an entire witch's kitchen for your Halloween display. You can start with the tutorial on building ancient-looking shelves out of cardboard and inexpensive metal shelving. (And don't overlook the faux-wood painting instructions. They are among the best I've seen). Next, learn how to bottle hobgoblin brains, jellyfish stingers, dragon embryos and other ingredients that every self-respecting witch should have on hand.

Demon bucket

Here's a clever home project... To better compliment his son's samurai costume, this guy turn an Incredible Hulk candy bucket into an Oni (Japanese demon) using some red paint and a cheap Viking helmet. The big green guy never looked so good.

Monster Crochet

Here's another great site for all you fans of crocheting and knitting. Monster Crochet provides instruction for creating everything from wearable spiderwebs, scarves made of bones, severed finger doodads and my personal favorite, a Hitchcock inspired ensemble that makes it look like you're getting attacked by a flock of birds.

Brain recipe

For all the people who've been writing in to request more ghoulish recipes, I present the edible brain. Serve it at your next Halloween party, or carry it around and bite off chunks next time your dressed as a zombie.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More gross candy

In keeping with today's gross candy theme, here are a few more spooky sweets that the folks at Candy Addict have tracked down:
Barf Bags (Gummy candy that looks like vomit)
Gummy Flesh Fries (Bloody dismembered fingers)
Candy Blood Bags (Watermelon-flavored liquid candy)
Bug Candy (twist off the bug's head and drink the blood)
Candy with real bugs (Scorpions, worms, crickets and ants embedded in candy)
Deadly Virus Candy (Like "Nerds" but with a twist)
And reviews of 31 other Halloween-themed candies that were big in '06.

Gummy Heart

I wish I'd known about this on Valentine's Day. I'm sure my wife would have really loved to receive a Gummy Heart. And that poem? "My love is pure. My love is true. You can have my heart and eat it too." Who wouldn't melt when reading that?

Gummy Roadkill

It seems as though I spoke too soon. A week ago, in my post about gross candy I mentioned my wish that they would someday produce "gummy roadkill". Well, Brian at Candy Addict wrote to let me know that the product has already come and gone. Produced by Trolli (a subsidiary of Kraft), "Gummy Candy Roadkill" consisted of three animals; a snake, a chicken and a squirrel, each with a tire track down the middle. Unfortunately, production was halted when animal rights groups argued it "fosters cruelty toward animals."

Friday, February 16, 2007

Eyeball earrings

In keeping with today's
"crafty" theme, I now present a magnificent pair of felted eyeball earrings.
They come in either blue or green. The artist behind them also produces an eyeball necklace as well as various anatomical heart items.

The Optic Nerve

You know how sometimes you see an item, and your first thought is "I must have that!"? Well, this crocheted
"eyeball w/ optic nerve" thing is one of those "must haves" for me. I don't really know what I would do with it, I don't know what it's for, and yet I must have it in my life.

Dismembered Digits

For all you crocheters out there, here's a wonderful pattern that you can purchase
for just $1.50. The dismembered finger and big toe would look terrific on a keychain or (as seen here) sitting on a dinner plate.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How to create bloody gashes with make-up

Here is a great tutorial that will show you how to create realistic looking bloody gashes.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Devilish iPod skins

Here's a great way to dress up your iPod for Halloween. These skins come in six different colors and sport devil horns and a tail.

Knit yourself a skull

If you've ever wanted information on how to knit something with a skull graphic, Dominitrix can help you out. Their site includes patterns and instructions for knitting skull afghans, sweaters, scarves, wristbands and bags. My personal favorite? This tank top with an "embossed" skull.

Self-carving Pumpkin

Here is a fun stop-motion animation of a pumpkin dancing around and carving itself. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Haunted house wallpapers and fabrics

Though it doesn't carry the Haunted Mansion's "Demon" wallpaper, Timorous Beasties can provide you with rolls of some pretty creepy wall-coverings. My favorite is this iguana wallpaper.
Also be sure to check out their "Devil Damask" fabric. It's subtle enough that most people wont notice Satan peeking out through the lace, but still noticible enough that all your haunt friends will envy you.

Working Wolverine Claws

Here's another awesome costume! Using an old sliding keyboard tray, this guy was able to create extendable/retractable claws for his Wolverine costume.

Gross Candy

After spending months creating original, eye-popping decorations for your front yard, doesn't it seem strange to hand out the same boring Snicker's Bars and Blow-Pops as your neighbors?

Here's an alternative... This site reviews and provides links to some of the grossest candy around. There are white chocolate maggots, candy toilets, and bloody eyeball lollipops. If only someone would start selling gummy roadkill. Then all of my wildest Halloween dreams really would have come true.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Winged Demons

Here's a cool new site that was brought to my attention by Kurt at Grim Visions.

I'm really impressed with the "winged demons" this woman was able to create out of chicken wire, masking tape and paper-mache. I can't wait to see more of her stuff.

Halloween cakes

When the folks at aren't busy reviewing horror movies, they bake some of the goriest cakes you'll find anywhere. I'm particularly fond of this highly detailed "Killer Rat" cake. Everything from the bones in the dismembered arm to the hair on the rats is entirely edible and delicious. (The bones are made of candy and filled with lemon curd "marrow". The rat hair was created out of spun sugar.)

Be sure to also check out their "Zombie Cake" and "Thorax Cake". Both look amazing.

I'm back!!!

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. I've been shooting a pilot in Los Angeles for the past two weeks. It was a lot of fun, but the hours were insane and I didn't have any spare time to think about Halloween.

That's all done now though, so I'm ready to start blogging again.

Much thanks to all those who e-mailed me to make sure that everything was ok in my life. I appreciate your concern.


(The above photo was taken by Phillip Toledano. You can check out some more of his work here.

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