Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gross Candy

After spending months creating original, eye-popping decorations for your front yard, doesn't it seem strange to hand out the same boring Snicker's Bars and Blow-Pops as your neighbors?

Here's an alternative... This site reviews and provides links to some of the grossest candy around. There are white chocolate maggots, candy toilets, and bloody eyeball lollipops. If only someone would start selling gummy roadkill. Then all of my wildest Halloween dreams really would have come true.


VogonPoet said...

Gummi RoadKill has come and gone. Trolli made it and the public outcry caused them to pull it off the market.

Here is the google search:


Anonymous said...

Too cool! If only they made the cockroaches in family size packages, so I could hand them out at Halloween!

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