Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Custom wallpaper

Rollout Creative Inc. produces beautiful, custom wallpaper. My favorite of their designs was created for Worth Clothing. It "mashes together punk rock, granny, and brothel themes into a beautifully eerie statement on voyeurism and vanity. From a distance, the decorative filigree draws the viewer into the gaze of a wall filled with x-ray human skulls. These 'mirror mirrors' reflect the impending decay that will one day wither our beauty and strip away our youth once and for all. Its ominous call challenges us to live, work and party hard."

I also really enjoy this wallpaper designed by and for Marc Ecko. There's not enough black, skull wallpaper in the world. Glad to see this company is doing their best to remedy that problem.


thecadaver said...
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thecadaver said...

The second wallpaper pattern is now my desktop background.
It looks wonderful, although it took some trickery to get it to repeat properly

ShellHawk said...

Love the wallpaper, and though Mr. SHellHawk won't let me put that in the house, maybe when I do the third car garage remodel, I'll get it.
Or the Haunted Mansion wallpaper. I can't decide!

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