Saturday, October 17, 2009

Relax your eyes

Can you see the skull in this Stereogram? (Quick story... When these images first became popular they sold posters of them at our local mall. People would stand in front of them forever trying to see the mermaid, baseball glove, or whatever. They would move forward, backward, and sometimes even rock in place. I had no idea that there were 3D images hidden in the designs though so I couldn't figure out why people were so enamored with these ugly prints. For all I knew, people shopping at the mall had horrendous taste in art.)


The Captain said...

Little Girl: [looking at a Magic Eye poster] Wow. It's a schooner.

Willam Black: Ha ha ha ha. You dumb bastard. It's not a schooner... it's a Sailboat.

Little Boy: A schooner IS a sailboat stupid head!

Willam Black: [becoming enraged] You know what? There is NO Easter Bunny! Over there, that's just a guy in a suit!

(Quote from Mallrats)

PerfessorEvil said...

At the height of the Magic Eye mania, we got a poster that looked like a magic eye poster, but actually had no image.

People would waste HUGE amounts of time trying to see the images at our parties. :)

Funniest part is that most people would start to *think* they saw images.

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