Tuesday, January 2, 2007

What a witch!

A giant witch sitting on a roof with the moon in the backgroundThat's right. I'm the lunatic with the giant witch on his roof. As promised, here are all the gorey details... I discovered the witch in Media, PA. She was created as an advertising piece for the local theatre company's production of "The Wizard Of Oz". They told me I could have her for $100 as long as I "got her off of the marquee before Saturday." Otherwise, she was headed for the dumpster. With the help of some strong friends and a 20A giant witch advertising the Wizard of Oz on top of a theatre's marquee foot UHaul I was able to get her back to NJ. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take her lower half (which was approx. 20 feet tall!),A giant witch being lifted onto a roof by a crane but the torso is more than big enough for me. I like to say that we used to have a two car garage, but now we have a one witch, one car garage. The torso is approx. 12 feet tall with an 11 foot armspan. She weighs about 300 pounds, so each year I have to hire a crane to lift her into place. She is tethered to the house at four points. In the yard, I poured two steel-reinforced concrete columns (hidden in the bushes) so I could attach her to the ground with a pair of aircraft cables. I've watched her during 50 mile an hour winds and she doesn't move an inch!


Gene Yoon said...

ah, everyone's favorite witch. I hope you're taking measures to preserve her for years to come. Is she a bit beat up after two seasons?
congrats on the blog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Witch. I have witch envy

bean said...

she's incredible. gotta respect a man who buys a giant witch.

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