Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cool Retro Costumes

Here is a great gallery of vintage Halloween costumes. The collection is guaranteed to include characters from shows that haven't crossed you mind in 20 years.

Lancelot Link, Circus Boy, Bigfoot (from "Bigfoot & Wildboy"), Easy Reader (from "The Electric Company"), Nitro (from "American Gladiators").When's the last time you thought about them?

My favorite thing about many of these vintage costumes is this...
For every "Indiana Jones" costume where the shirt is designed to look like Indy's clothing, there are half a dozen "Joanie Loves Chachi" types, where the costume consists of a graphic identifying the program or person. (Like anyone could look at that mask and not think of Scott Baio.)

Here is a link to some of the worst retro Halloween costumes the aforementioned gallery has to offer.

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