Sunday, January 7, 2007

Light for those who prefer the dark

If lavender and lilac scented candles are too bourgeois for your taste, you may want to give "Dark Candles" a try. They provide gothic and horror themed candles to people "who have a penchant for the macabre and the darker side of life." You wont find any cinnamon scented votives here. Their unusual scents include:

Coffin ("It’s a dead ringer! A bit of old rotting wood with a bit of earth underscored with a masculine lavender to give it some 'body'.")

Corpse ("A dark and full base pierced with a stinging balmy mint scent, pleasantly reminiscent of a cold embalmed corpse.")

Graveyard ("An old forlorn, crumbling cemetery with strong tones of wet earth blended with a hint of Frankincense and a touch of myrrh.")

Haunted House ("A spellbinding blend of haunting forest woods, spooky spices and the witch’s little dark secret. A dark sensual fragrance with a musky quality.")

You can check out all of their scary scents here.

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Anonymous said...

These are indeed excellent candles. Not only do I use them all the time, I have stockpiled some for gift giving.

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