Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vintage autopsy table for sale

From one of my favorite design sites, Apartment Therapy. This person wrote in to find out where he can sell his vintage autopsy table. My first question... why would you want to part with such a thing? My second question... can I have it?

(The above photo is not of the table in question.  It's a shot from the early 1900s that now resides in the Library of Congress and can be found here.)


screaminscott said...

I dad worked at a hospital years ago, so I have an actual Autopsy Room sign (They were remodelling and tossing the old signs).

It doesn't look like anything special, but I just like the fact it came from an actual hospital.

London Rug Cleaning said...

Happy New year all.
I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for your posts. I am now a follower here. I will be back. :-)

trickortreat said...

I miss your blog. Hope all is well with you.

Unknown said...

Hi my friends...I have an autopsy table that is very, very old. It has a beautiful oak pedestal base that has bronze feet caps. The table is wood that has a metal insert to catch the juices. A hole at the end allows for run off. I don't know the age or any details, that's why I am posting. Thanks

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