Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Naked Week!

Since this blog began, some of the most popular posting have involved nudity. Well, as a gift to you, I'm going to fill the rest of this week with Halloween-style nakedness.
Before we move forward though, let us first look back.
Here are some naked postings from the past...

-Nude in a mask
-Costumed nudes
-Nude with a monster
-Nude with a giant skull
-Graveyard nudes
-Knitting nude
-Pumpkin carving nude
-Anatomical nude
-Frankenstein's bride nude
-Devil mask nude
-Pumpkin head nude
-Pumpkin butt nude
-Bat-covered nude
-Painted butt nude
-Human beer-tap nude
-X-rated nude
-X-ray nude
-Sugar-skull nude

***Ok, they're not really naked.  Some are just topless while others are downright covered.  They all fall within the general theme of exposed skin though.  And it sounds much better to call it "Naked Week" rather than "Sometimes Naked, But Occasionally Covered Week".

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