Sunday, October 31, 2010

The survey results are in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is how YOU celebrate Halloween

About a year ago I posted a survey to learn how different people celebrate Halloween. Well, the results are in. Here's what I found...

You (the average Halloween-enthusiast) don't have any trick-or-treating aged children living in your home (60%), but you still decorate the inside (41%) for the enjoyment of yourself and your family (65%). Your interior decorations (63%) and your outdoor decorations (23%) remain up for approximately one month. You also display certain decorative items year round that you don't consider "Halloween-y", but admit that the average American probably would (81%).
You're slightly more likely to let the public walk through your yard haunt (52%) than have to admire it from behind a barrier (48%). Your mostly homemade (48%) outdoor decorations are durable enough to be left out in the wind and rain (83%) and luckily, none have ever been stolen (77%). You're far more likely to have a "scary" display (36%) than a "cute" (4%) or "gory/bloody" display (7%).
You spend between $100 and $400 on your decorations each year (47%). Your cobwebs are made out of a cotton-like material (48%), you have a fog machine running (75%) and spooky music playing (80%). You do not, however, use fake blood (60%), a simulated thunder & lightning machine (56%), live costumed actors (60%) or pneumatic props (77%). And, for that matter, you've also never been to a Halloween / haunt / horror convention (65%) and don't subscribe to any such magazines either (69%).
If Halloween falls on a weekday, you take the day off from work (71%). Horror movies are your favorite (50%) and you dress up for Halloween (80%).
Unfortunately, despite all of your hard work, fewer than twenty-five trick or treaters come to your door (29%).

***Here are a few more interesting results worth noting...
21% of you leave your interior Halloween decorations up year-round.
17% only have your outdoor decorations up for one night.
6% of you get between 500 and 1000 trick-or-treaters,
and 3% of you get over 1000 people ringing your bell!

(I'll probably be releasing a new, more detailed survey sometime after Halloween. Let me know if you have ideas for additional questions.)

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FoolishCop said...

Great survey! I probably fall into the majority of those responses too.


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