Monday, October 11, 2010

Making the pilgrimage to Haunted Overload!!

The only good thing about not being able to do my yard haunt this year is that I finally have time to go see those great haunted houses and terror trails that I've been coveting for years. My first stop is the amazing Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire. (I used to think that the giant witch in my yard was big until I saw the monsters that Eric at Haunted Overload mounts onto telephone poles!)

***I need your help! My wife has agreed to make the six hour trek with me to see this haunt as long as I can provide her with a romantic meal and a nice bed & breakfast. Can any of you recommend a nice town near Lee, New Hampshire? Something quaint with nice stores that she can browse. She hates long car rides and isn't nearly as much of a haunt-enthusiast as I am, so I want to make this trip worth her while.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

(By the way, the photo above is from Haunted Overload's 2009 set-up.  I move my props around on a hand truck and they use a pick-up truck.  Amazing!)

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damien said...

Well u could take 125 or 155 to rt4 n head to dover. There is a lot there. Or go to upping, the other direction n there are a few things there. Both are around 10-30 mins away from lee depending on where u are.

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