Thursday, September 30, 2010

I donated!

Peter Mongomery creates some amazing Halloween displays. In 2007, he treated trick-or-treaters to a giant
pirate ship run aground in his front yard. In 2008, passersby could marvel at a nearly lifesize steam locomotive that had crashed through the front wall of his house.

And if all goes well, this year the residents of Glendale, CA will be able to see an enormous steampunk drilling machine coming out of his driveway.

That's where you come in.

To help defray the cost, Peter is looking to raise a total of $2,200 in donations. Now I'm no Rockefeller, but I love me some Halloween and am happy to help out a fellow haunter, so I pledged $20. In return for my donation, I not only get to sleep well knowing that I've helped make Halloween a little bit steampunkier for the children of Glendale, California, but I also get a genuine piece of the "skin" from the giant drilling machine. (A pledge of $50 would have gotten me a piece of the "skin" and copies of his sketches.)

Keep your fingers crossed that I get a good part. Like one with rivets. Or a porthole. Man! I could really use a porthole.

To see more of Peter's work, click here.
(And click here if you would like to donate to his cause.)

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muffmasterflash said...

Amazing! Hey, y'all might enjoy our project, The "Haunted Boombox" launches tonight at midnight, and each day will feature a new piece of video, animation, recipes, crafts, music, etc to keep you spooked & entertained out all month long. Thanks, and BOO!

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