Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dexter (Season 5) premieres tonight

In honor of tonight's Dexter premiere, check out this promotional stunt Showtime pulled for the show back in 2007. The best part of their turning fountain water around the country blood-red? The fact that they deny the red liquid is meant to symbolize blood.

"Showtime appears to be very persistant on the fact that the red is to symbolize the network's corporate color, and not blood. It just so happens red is also the color of blood, and that the show DEXTER centers on a serial killer who also happens to be a forensics expert who deals with blood all day. No relation though. Showtime VP of Media and Promotions George DeBolt had this to say on the matter: 'We're not out there to frighten people. Red is an important color for the network. It's our corporate color. Whatever people take away from this is what they take away, but we're using the color red so that it's noticed. 'Dexter' is not a horror series," he added. "It's a series about a serial killer who happens to be in forensic police work. There is blood in the show, but we're not doing this to convey the notion of blood or horror because that would be off strategy with how we promote the show'."


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