Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slime Monster game

Vintage Slime Monster board game by MattelWhy didn't I have this game growing up? Here's a description of it from the folks at Board game Geek: "The Slime Monster has invaded the town. You've got to stop him! You must get from the High School to the Armory, pick up a land mine and knock the Slime Monster over. But be careful that the Slime monster doesn't knock you over with his slime. Movement is directed with a spinner. Each spin is used twice: once for the player and the same amount for the monster. The players try to manipulate the monster so that he winds up standing over an opponent. He then "slimes" the player and moves. If the slime covering the player causes the player piece to fall over, the player must start again. Yuck!"


Tom G said...

I wanted this game badly as a kid. I remember watching the commercials for it and being in absolute awe of such a disgusting game. It beat the hell out of parcheesi. said...

I had this game. My sister and I loved it. My mom saved a lot of our toys but unless we just haven't found it yet it didn't make it. Would love to still have it!

Anonymous said...

I had this game. I remember the box, I loved their expressions. I was 4 in 1977, I don't know if I got the game that year but I guess it was around that time. I was a kid who was easily sold on a good advertisement and this game was all over the place during the cartoons I watched.

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