Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Politics + Halloween = Stupid

As I mentioned in another post, I hate seeing people politicize their Halloween displays. Halloween should be about witches and monsters, not Democrats and Republicans. I can't believe this news report. Withholding candy from children because of their parent's political affiliation is insane! I guess every town has their crazies though. (While watching the video, keep an eye out for the green pro-Obama sign. I think it's supposed to say "Obama 4 Peace", but they used the Mercedes symbol instead of the peace symbol, so technically it says "Obama 4 Mercedes". That's right folks... a chicken in every pot and a Benz in every driveway.)

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PerfessorEvil said...

The author of the webcomic "Something Positive" sent her a case of NECCO hearts, with the note:

"Mrs. Nagel - while I do not agree with you on all matters, I still feel everyone, including you, deserves candy. Please enjoy these candy hearts because if anyone needs a heart, it's you.


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