Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Survey

I've created a short online survey to learn how different people celebrate Halloween.
It should take you less than three minutes to complete.

Click here when you're ready to take the survey.

Once you've completed the survey, the most current results will be displayed. (And after a large enough number of people have responded, I'll post the final results here.)

**Update: Looks like people are neglecting to read the instructions at the top of the survey, so I'll give you the bullet points now: 1- Skip any questions that don't apply to you. (It's ok not to answer the questions about outside displays if you don't do an outside display.) 2- Pick the answer that's most accurate. (If you leave your display up for 6 days, go ahead and pick the answer that says "1 week". That's close enough.)


Pam Morris said...

done and done...interesting results so far but not too surprising!!

PerfessorEvil said...

Just one comment... question 5 could really use some more detail. I leave my stuff up for a week after Halloween, but I start in the last weekend of September.

Adding either "after Halloween" or "From the time you first put a prop out" would get you some more detail

Grim said...

Nice survey, looking forward to the final results.

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