Monday, October 27, 2008

Haunted butcher shop

Here's a shot of the butcher shop I created for this year's display. The body parts mark the first time that I've allowed any "blood" into the display. I figured it wasn't gratuitous or overly gory. (It is a butcher shop after all. There has to be some meat on display.) I picked up the bar at an after Halloween sale at the Spirit store two years ago. (It wasn't even for sale. Just a display piece that they were planning on throwing away but gave to me instead.) Pair that with the "Chop Shop" sign that I picked up at Party City this year, a pair of fake candles I made myself, a vintage meat grinder and an old scale and voila!... instant spooky butcher shop!

1 comment:

Grim said...

That's cool. I'm making a lost and found box out of an old trunk I got at Goodwill for $20.00. It's going to have skulls, bones and other body parts in it and will have an air blaster about ankle level to startle people as they look in it. I'm thinking about just having the lid partially open so they'll really have to lean in to see what's inside.

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