Friday, August 14, 2009

Lady Gaga

Nearly nude photo of Lady Gaga hanging out on a couch with a skeletonHere's Lady Gaga's homage to 1950s monster movies (from September's issue of Out magazine.) The invisible man never looked so good!Lady Gaga wrapped up like the Invisible Man
A nearly nude Lady Gaga on her knees in a graveyard
Lady Gaga with vampire bites on her neck
Lady Gaga hanging out nude with a skeleton


The Captain said...


The first picture, hes got no disco stick.

I completely avoided all the cliche bone jokes, oh opps nevermind.

wiec? said...

i couldn't name one song by her but the more i see of her the more i think i really dig her. the invisble woman pic is some really inspired awesomeness. cool stuff.

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