Thursday, March 12, 2009

World's greatest wallpaper

This gorgeous custom wallpaper was designed by Camille Rose Garcia for her recent installation at the SCOPE Contemporary Art Fair. It's the perfect addition to any haunted house and available here.


Ghoul Friday said...

I almost choked when I saw this post. I can't BELIEVE she's made a wallpaper!

Wow. $200 for 30 sq feet. I think I may have to resist.

Witcheepoo said...

We should all pool our money to buy one roll and divide it up into small frameable chunks. $7 per square foot. (Probably more like $15 per person if we want to guarantee that everyone gets at least one "character" on their piece.) Who's with me?

C. Schjoth said...

I would love to see this work. Stop by my place I think you may enjoy what you see.
~C. Schjoth

PeppermintDaydreams said...

my living room walls are screeeeeeeaming for this paper!

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