Friday, December 26, 2008

Naked Pumpkin Run

A naked couple with carved pumpkins on their heads pose for a photoNaked people running down the street with carved pumpkins on their heads

According to this 2008 article "The Naked Pumpkin Run’s origins date back to 1999, when — according to the event’s Web site — two men, having worked their way through an undisclosed number of six packs, came up with the idea of running nude with '20 pounds of orange flesh thrashing atop their heads.' Since then, the event has grown — 150 people participated last year — and spread to locales such as Seattle, Phoenix and Bloomington, Ind., according to the run’s Web site."

Click here for the official "Naked Pumpkin Run" website.

*Warning: Do not click either of the above links if you are offended by images of drunk naked crazy people running around with carved pumpkins on their heads.

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